10 Solid Reasons Why You Should Ask Men Out On Dates

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Updated on 6 May, 2015 at 11:54 am


Ladies listen up.

We are successful in almost every field, and our fight for equality has started delivering results. We demand to be judged on our character and not on our looks. Our ancestors must be really proud of our success.

But why don’t we still ask men out on dates? Why are we still waiting for them to come up to us? Are we really the types who want to stand in a queue waiting to be picked up?


It’s time we took charge and asked out men we like. And here’s a list of points that will convince you to do this right away.

Ask men out because:

1. Because if asking women out is normal, it should be normal to ask out men too.

If live-in relationships are normal and so is going out night, then it’s time we made asking men out normal too.

2. You can instantly judge how open minded and understanding he is.

What can happen at the most? He will say NO.

If you propose any decent guy, he’ll appreciate your efforts and guts, and even if he has to say No, it will be said politely.

But if a guy is a douche bag, you’ll know instantly by his reaction.

3. Secretly all guys want you to ask them out.

Ten out of ten guys would like it if a girl asked them out. They would love to shed the burden and pressure of asking a girl out.

And it sure does stroke his ego, as for a change he has the option to say NO.

4. Have you ever considered that he might be a really shy guy?

Yes they still exist. You might miss out on him, just because he’s a shy dude. Take the burden off him and ask him out instead.

5. Taking the first step is always the most difficult one, but it surely boosts your confidence 10 notches higher.

This may sound like a cliché, but being in control will make you feel super powerful.

Repeat to yourself I know what I want and I know how to get it.

6. You will not need to analyze the suspense and the rejection ratios anymore.

Gone will be the days when you cracked your head over analyzing mixed signals from a man. Stop driving yourself crazy and say –

Hi, what’s up?

7. You need to support the cause of making dating a two-way street.

If you can propose to me, I can propose to you.

8. It is a practice run if nothing else.

You have to choose between waiting all your life for people to give you what you want. And whether you have the guts to practice and test the waters for yourself.

You might not be successful the first time, but with practice you will get better.

9. You are limiting your mating pool by waiting for somebody to ask you out.

The number of potential candidates will lessen, unless you decide to take things in your hands.

10. If you ask a man out, the power equation treats you both equal.


The typical man will want to take charge, but if you ask him out he might be willing to share.

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