Are Men Attracted To Their Wives After Marriage? These Kinky And Romantic Answers Will Clear All Your Doubts

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10:00 am 18 Jul, 2017


Arrange marriage or love marriage, both make us feel scared because it’s one thing that brings a BIG change in our lives. People say that guys change after getting married and it takes a lot of effort to make them stay attracted towards you.


We stumbled upon this Quora thread, Are men really attracted to their wives after marriage? and the answers just left us surprised.

If you think that your man will change as soon as you tie the knot, then these kinky, racy and really romantic answers will give you some relief.



1. You cannot ignore this husband’s point!

I climb the stairs right following my wife and pushing her on the butt. I hug her few time a day to fell her skin, breath and body against mine.

I often watch her sleeping when I wake up in the morning. Sometime I stare at her as well while she watches TV. Live with your feet on the ground and appreciating what you have instead of what your mind sometimes throws your way.


2. He makes sense!

I’m attracted to my wife. She’s a beautiful woman, and I totally out-kicked the coverage in getting her to marry me. The fact that we’ve been together for many years and have two wonderful children makes me more attracted to her than when I met her, not less.



Yesterday, my husband hollered, “Dat butt!” as I walked up the stairs. The day before I caught him staring down the front of my blouse while we were eating dinner.

On Sunday, he tried to stealthily watch me take a shower. We’ve been married 6.5 years. He’s seen me sick. He’s seen my abdomen sliced open during a c-section. He’s watched me sobbing and trying to cope with my gruesome mastitis.

I guess I’m still smokin’.


4. This is what we call a marriage with a spark.

It’s like I already start missing her when I kiss her on forehead before going to the office. I always have my breakfast and dinner with her. We appreciate each other and compliment as well and it comes from the heart.

Whenever I see her, she looks stunning and I never miss a chance to touch her. We often go for long drive on my bike and it feels really beautiful when she holds me like we are just married.


5. 17 years and still madly in love…#MarriageGoals

I still love to look at her and hold her. Some days, I’m all over her like a bum on a baloney sandwich. She’s still got that big broad smile I’ve always loved, pretty brown eyes, and she feels like heaven when I wrap my arms around her. She’s a kook that makes me laugh every day, and for me, there’s few things sexier.


6. The award winning answer!

I was in the computer accessory store with my wife (together 13+ years now) just browsing. She walked off on her own looking for something. I was just loitering around when I saw this really nice looking girl rifling through some items. I was checking her out big time but I was mindful that I had no idea where exactly my wife was – didn’t want to get caught, if you must know.

So I looked down one aisle, no wife.

I looked down another aisle, still no wife.

Took a quick peek at the girl again, lovely; panicked, I looked down a third aisle. Still no wife.

Then the girl turned around and said to me, “Baby, should I get this?”

Yeah, that girl I was scoping out like a hornball teenager was my wife. I left the shop scratching my head. Couldn’t make heads or tails of what just happened.


7. #HusbandGoals

I still wolf whistle when I see her all dressed.

My heart still skips a beat when she looks at me first thing in the morning and smiles.

I still feel incredibly proud of her when she pushes herself to do something she wouldn’t have done normally.

I am still in awe of how she manages two incredibly noisy and imaginative kids while still handling her old curmudgeon of a husband. Seriously, that guy sucks!


8. Awww!

Sometimes I just look at her and marvel at how beautiful she is. There have been challenges for us to overcome, but we love each other more now than when we married. She is everything I could possibly need in a woman, and I thank God for her every day of my life.


9. Can’t keep his hands to himself!

Been married for almost 22 years, and MANY pregnancies. Still chasing her around, and in awe of how she looks. Can’t keep my hands off, to the extent that this sometimes bugs her.
I am the least experienced person to talk about marriage, but I do see people who are in love and are making every possible effort to keep each other happy. And these stories are proof that true love does exist all you need is to stick to that ONE person who can do anything to make you live your dreams.



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