14 Memories From Your Teens And 20s You Will Keep For Life

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12:00 pm 2 Feb, 2016

As you move through life, hit your teenage, then 20s, you realize that what you consider normal life at every stage, become strong, sometimes defining memories for later life.

To know these as you are forming them, to life the future recollection of what you are living through right now, not only doubles the awareness of the moment, the C’est la vie, the Carpe Diem, the YOLO becomes more real than you have ever experienced.

Here is a list of small, maybe forgettable things that are going to form really strong bonds with your future self. Read on for déjà vu nostalgia.


1. Phone calls & crushes

It might seem like a pretty regular thing, but you are going to remember the feeling of long, inane calls much later into your adult life. Mom’s incessant nagging, the achievement of calls that are half hour, hour, even two hours long, dad’s face when the bill comes in…everything is going to come back to you later.


2. Teachers

Your teachers are going to be some of your strongest memories. Whether they were good to you or whether they were strict with you, you are going to remember them fondly. And when you realize how tough it really is to deal with kids your age, your respect for them is going to soar through the roof!


3. Picnics & treks

Everywhere you go without adult supervision, is going to be a treasure trove of memories. Silly fights on the way, the person who got late, the one whose bag tore, the one who had blisters on their feet…everything will matter on nights when you turn in alone to sleep.


Picnics are the treasure chests of memory rebloggy


4. Projects

Projects are the soul of school and college life. This is where you bond, you break, you fight, you win, you lose. Whether you do it in college or at someone’s home, whether you ate dabba or called for food, you will cherish these through life.


5. Homework

Even the homework you didn’t do will bring a smile to your face if only it was because you met your best friend outside class when you were thrown out.


6. Exams

Nothing, I mean nothing creates memories as strong as exams. Today you might feel like you give too many exams, but later in life you will wish for exams. At least they get over at a specific time and you have a set syllabus to study from.


7. Music

You will discover a lot of new music in this age. Not only that, you will probably form preferences for life. Even to a point that when you become 30 and the music tastes of the next generation changes, you will stick to your own and face the danger of being called an oldie by the then young generation.


This series of Walkman phones had worked really well with college goers! creativecan


8. Movies & books

The movies you watch now will make a great impact on you. The characters, their trials and tribulations, where you watched it, with whom, everything will stay with you.


9. Dressing up

Even those special occasions you dress for – date, movie, family dinner, just a small shopping outing – you will remember things.


10. Paychecks

Your first paycheck! Even if it is only a few bucks that manage to get you nothing more than a vada pav, you will remember the joy, the trepidation of earning money yourself.


11. Getting caught

Whatever it is that you are not supposed to do and you get caught for it will create some of the stickiest memories around. Whether you are 30 or 60, these are the things that you will be slightly proud of and slightly ashamed of, all through your life.


12. Admission process

Going to colleges, going to universities, those forms, standing in queues, meeting someone you know, meeting someone new, the awe of a new place, planning what to wear, what phone to get, everything!


And there will be rain as well thehindu


13. Interviews

Whether it is a college admission interview or a job interview, the first few interviews make a huge impact on you. Don’t worry about doing good or bad at them, remember to have fun!


14. Ideas

The joy of having your idea accepted, whether in a college fest, at home or at work, nothing makes you feel more like an adult accepted into circles of other adults. Till now, you were a child. Now you are equal to anyone else in the world.


Your teenage and 20s define your entire life like no other era. No matter how old you get, your 20s will seem very close to you, a recent past that just went by. No wonder you form so many memories of it.

Which things do you think you will remember as you grow older?

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