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24 Memories Of Hostel Days You Can’t Forget In Your Lifetime

Published on 5 August, 2018 at 3:20 pm By

As we hear or read the word hostel, we all become nostalgic. Interestingly, in the year 1912, in Altena Castle in Germany, the first permanent Youth Hostel was actualized and the man who was behind this was Richard Schirrmann.


When we were young, we were always threatened with word hostel, we had a scary picture of this place, and now we miss all the memories of the Hostel Days. And few of the worth memories are:


1. The independence and freedom was the first thing that we smelled as we entered the hostel. We were as free as a bird.



2. There was freshness and newness in everything and everywhere.


3. Apart from the regular rules and regulations to be followed – we were our masters. No strict time table to be followed for anything.



Hostel life

4. Life was full of unlimited amusements and opportunities.


5. There was no particular group but there were variety of friends, which made us socially active.


6. Forced to work and perform at every step that stimulated courage, growth, and efficiency.


7. The love and care, which was not restricted for the classmate but the miser roommates.


8. Lending and borrowing of money for good time sake.


9. Late night gossiping about everyone known and unknown.


10. All night merry making and celebrating the birthdays.


11. Full freedom to sleep at any time and get up only if required.


12. Special Sunday breakfast – crave for the entire week.


Hostel life

13. Sharing clothes, as we never had the right clothes for the right occasion.


14. Learnt all the home remedies to cure cough, cold, and fever. We became half doctor.


15. The distance to the local market was never understood in kilometers rather it was only clear in terms of hours and minutes.


16. The cultural fest night we met a lot of known and unknown strangers.


17. Exploring everything that we haven’t dared to explore earlier – a wine inside the room, non-hosteller in your room since she was your friend, and a night out of course not with the local guardian.


18. The friends were not only the human being but also the cats and dogs who barged into the premises whenever they felt like.


19. Enjoying the favorite movie alone in the entertainment room.


20. Singing out loud all the favorite songs without being disturbed.


21. However, seniors always exhibited their dominance and supremacy but gave us a tight hug and stood with us like a family.


22. Involvements and planning were always high whether for a party or a special noodles night.


23. Long hours with boyfriend and girlfriend on phones.


24. Last but not the least, become a shoulder as soon as the break up happens or a person is emotionally weak.





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