6 Hilarious Memes That Prove Bollywood Films Are Highly Cliched

10:00 am 4 Jul, 2018


From action-packed masala films to dramatic love stories, Bollywood films have the right entertainment quotient to keep you glued to your seats. There is a huge craze for Hindi films, not only in India but all around the world.  The dialogues, storyline or the choreography, there is something or the other interesting thing in a Bollywood film that makes it so enjoyable. However, from the very beginning Bollywood films are based on certain predictable instances that may never happen in a real life.

Bollywood movies have been the witness to many such unrealistic occurrences that may include the similar characterization of hero, heroine, mother, villain, mother-in-law, father or the mandatory funny person. Interestingly, we have consolidated some of the most hilarious memes from the internet to show these highly clichéd side of Bollywood films. Have a read:


1. Exhausting fight sequence


Bollywood films action


Well, the hero single-handedly takes down all the villain’s men and still has the energy to hit back at the villain at the end of the film. We know that no Bollywood film is complete without the spectacular fight scene between the hero and the villain. And, no fight scene is definitely complete without the shirtless scene!


2. Every romantic movie ever



We have grown up watching romantic Bollywood films with almost the similar storyline. As soon as the girl and the boy interact for the very first time, they fight a lot, hate each other throughout the first half of the film and magically falls in love by the second half. They face family objections, fight all odds of life together and then live happily ever after. And, don’t forget the ‘we are just friends’ or the ‘love triangle’ plot.


3. Pointless item song


Bollywood films meme



Howsoever the storyline of a Bollywood film be, there have to be at least four songs in the film to keep the audience interested. And one of them is the obligatory item song, right? Well, if you thought Sheila and Munni are the item queens, you might have to think again. From songs like ‘Choli Ke Peechey’ to ‘Yeh Mera Dil,’ items songs have added the perfect dose of sensuality to the Bollywood films since ages.


4. Exotic locations



Well, everything is fair in love and war. With Bollywood films, this seems to be overtly true when the concepts of time and distance become irrelevant in the films. The lead pair magically reaches an exotic foreign locations in every song donning color-coordinated clothes. We must thank Yash Chopra for this cliched trend who made Switzerland popular while spending a major chunk of his budget on fancy locations.


5. Stereotypical characters



From cool Dadi to loud-mouth Punjabi aunt, there are some characters that have a fixed representation in every Bollywood film. After all, they add the right amount of laughter quotient in a typical Hindi masala film. Not just the dialogues, their costume play is also on point to justify the character.


6. Lengthy Period Dramas



We have become accustomed to watching the longest story of a Mughal ruler or partition struggle in the form of a Bollywood film. And no one can deny that some of the lengthiest films of Bollywood are made by director Ashutosh Gowariker. I mean Lagaan was of 3 hours and 44 minutes and Jodhaa Akbar was of 3 hours and 34 minutes.


No matter what, we will still love our over-the-top dramatic Bollywood movies, right?!