(Spoilers): It’s Time To Pardon Melisandre And You Better Know Why

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1:29 pm 3 May, 2016



The same question goes with these fellas as well.


Phooey! They are not Jon, the man who fucks in Snow.


With the continuance of GoT, Jon Snow turned himself into the most sought after character despite his trait of knowing nothing. Whatever happened in the Castle Black in Mother’s Mercy was indeed a monumental shock to many but for those who never give up, it was just a prelude to something interesting….

….because she was around. 


Her shenanigans with fire, visions, spirits and darkness were never accepted by us though she tried to enamor the screen by flashing titties and swaying her pert derriere occasionally. Right after the tragical end of innocent Shireen, Melisandre registered herself among viewers as someone who can never be pardoned.

However, when Lord Commander Snow was fatally stabbed by his brothers of Night’s Watch, the same lady was recalled to resurrect the dead through her occult practices.



Aaand…….huzzah! Jon fucking Snow rises from the dead with a new haircut.



Now we’ve got some solid reasons to believe that evil and good are not always black and white.



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