Deadlock On Government Formation In J&K To End Soon? Mehbooba Mufti Meets Amit Shah

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2:11 pm 18 Mar, 2016


Amid the deadlock on the formation of the government in Jammu and Kashmir, People’s Democratic Party president Mehbooba Mufti met BJP chief Amit Shah.

The PDP took hard stand on the formation of the government after the death of the chief minister Mufti Mohmmad Sayeed in January. The party asked the centre for concrete assurances for the state’s development before the coalition could be resumed.

The meeting came after the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s statement in the Lok Sabha in which he promised speedy implementation of all the projects in the state.

He said:

“Prime Minister has announced special package for J&K. We want that the three regions of the J&K are developed very fast”.




 The PDP President, who was in New Delhi to attend the budget session of Parliament, drove in a car without security for a meeting that lasted nearly 30 minutes.

But, it was not clear from the meeting that whether there was any consensus on the formation of the government in the state.

However, one of the PDP leaders said that two parties may be heading towards the formation of the new government in the state.

Party insiders said that efforts by the party have been doubled as there is tremendous pressure to reach an greement on the formation of the government

Sources told Topyaps that by the end of this month, the Governor’s rule in the state which came into force on January 8  may come to end.



The two parties were adamant on their demands. But as the April 9 deadline for clarity in government formation approaches, there is also talk about the mid-term poll.

One of the BJP leaders said that things are getting clear about the new government. He said that that there was tremendous pressure on both parties to reach an agreement to stop the jitters of mid-term poll in the state.

Former chief minister Omar Abdullah said:


The PDP, in an attempt to get some good will of ‘Kashmiri voters’ displeasure against the alliance, wanted  concrete assurances about the document which they called ‘Agenda of Alliance’.



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