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Megyn Kelly Trolled On Twitter For Wearing A Short Dress While Interviewing PM Modi

Published on 2 June, 2017 at 5:12 pm By

Lately, Priyanka Chopra was slammed over showing her legs off to PM Modi, while the two met in Berlin. Another incident has recently left Twitter burned and this time it is because of news anchor Megyn Kelly, who according to Twitterati wore an unacceptable dress, rather “inappropriate”.

Megyn wore an off-shoulder blue velvet dress with a slit in her skirt which looked presentable. However, Twitterati didn’t spare her and thrashed her for wearing it.



The 46-year-old anchor spoke with Narendra Modi and Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, at state dinner party at Konstantin Palace in St. Petersburg. Expressing her gratitude, she also posted a picture of herself with the two dignitaries on Twitter.

As soon as she posted the tweet, people start slamming her of “not doing her homework” and wearing a “tear provoking” dress.


True that, Twitter never spares anybody, influential or not.



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