Bollywood Actress Meghna Naidu Looted By Tenants In Goa

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7:35 pm 23 Feb, 2018


Actress Meghna Naidu, who appeared in the famous music video ‘Kaliyon Ka Chaman’ and movie ‘Kya Cool Hai Hum 3’, was recently duped by a couple who were living in her Goa apartment and used fake Aadhar Card and driving license to loot her.


Sharing her horrifying experience on social media, Meghna alleged that the tenants posed as a couple from Mumbai who were working in New Zealand.

Providing fake Aadhar and Driving licenses as ID and address proof, the couple got access to her appartment. They then went on to clean house and steal all of Meghna’s belongings and valuables which was present in the resident.

Meghna Naidu’s Facebook page

What is more, the thieves even duped her caretaker and neighbor of thousands of rupees and disappeared not even leaving socks or underwears behind.


Here is what Meghna said happened:

“So my care taker in goa home rented my apartment to these 2 people who posed as a couple. They told her that they work in New Zealand and that they are from Mumbai. They gave their Aadhar card and driving license as ID which turned out to be FAKE after investigating it. They have disappeared over night without paying the rent and have taken every bit of mine and luis’s clothes shoes bags, small speakers (We had maximum of our stuff here) They didn’t even leave behind our under wear and socks for that matter ( everything they could take away in bags they have taken). We had stored all the stuff under the bed storage and it is all wiped clean.

My statues and frames have been broken and furniture had been moved around and put in different areas of the home. They changed my lock on the door. The society had to break the lock down before I came to check what all has gone. This doesn’t end here…

They have fleeced my care taker for 85k giving her dreams of taking her son to new Zealand for work saying they need the money for paper work. They also have fooled another lady for 40k and another man for his land papers (copy of sale deed) saying they wana get the papers checked by their lawyer.

This is all happened in Candolim area.

My request to everyone is to please forward this post to all the friends and family who live in GOA or around GOA so they are aware of what has happened to me. And if anyone sees them anywhere in goa please let the cops know. We have to get these people caught.

This photo was taken by my caretaker after they checked in in which her daughter is with them. And guess what… that top that lady on the left is wearing is MINE.”

She then went on to share the image of the couple, where they had posed with their alleged young daughter while wearing Meghna’s clothes.

Meghna Naidu’s Facebook page


The incident took place in Goa’s Candolim area and is currently being investigated by Goa police.

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