Mega Earthquake That Will Kill Nearly 4 Crore People Imminent, Says Nuclear Engineer

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1:01 pm 4 Dec, 2015

Iranian-born nuclear engineer, Dr. Mehran Keshe, has claimed that a major earthquake could strike North and South America soon, which will not only ‘split’ the two continent, but will also cause mega Tsunamis killing as many as 4 crore people.

The claim was made by Dr. Keshe, just days after an 8.3 magnitude earthquake hit the coast of Chile, resulting in millions of people being evacuated from the area.


The most horrifying part of Dr. Keshe’s claim is that this major earthquake will cause mega tsunamis that could strike America and Asia and kill millions of people.


Furthermore, Dr Keshe claims that this earthquake is ‘imminent’ and that this mega quake could hit us any time between now and next autumn.

The claim came to light few days after millions of people across America and Canada took part in the ‘Great Shake Out‘ where authorities of the two countries carried out a mock-drill of their emergency response in case of a major earthquake.


Dr. Keshe soon released a video after this event in which he claimed that earthquakes of between 6 and 8.3 magnitudes are only the beginning, and are indications that the mega quake would soon hit the planet.


To prove his claim Dr. Keshe then said:

“The South American continent is the starting point of the weakness. There will be earthquakes of 10 to 16 here and in one location 20 to 24.”

He then went on to talk about other countries and said:

“There will be a number of series of earthquakes in north China in the coming months. Japan and China will have the same huge losses and there will be huge losses in the Caribbean. The world economy will collapse. I hope it will not happen this way but this is what I know and it is inevitable.”

Here is what Dr. Keshe said in the video:



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