17 Things That Happen To You When You Meet Someone After Ages

7:00 pm 23 Jul, 2015

Meeting someone after ages is the best surprise one could get and it’s sure to make your day. It’s like reliving the good old days. Memories are always precious and meeting someone you haven’t met for ages is a way to remember those memories and the moments you had in the past – there is nothing better than meeting a long lost friend. So here are 17 things that happen to you when you meet someone after ages.

1. You try to register or make sure it is really that person.


2. You talk about how they used to look before and how much they have changed.


3. You can talk endlessly about what has happened in your lives all these years.


4. “Time seems to have flown so quickly” is a sure dialogue said by both of you!


5. There are awkward silences in your conversation at times as you guys are meeting after ages.


6. You appreciate their success in life (even if they aren’t that successful, you want to be as polite and happy as possible).


7. You won’t realize how quickly time passes while you catch up with each other and spend hours talking.


8. Sometimes, in some friendships, that time gap doesn’t make a difference. Everything is as it was before.


9. You ask them about their current whereabouts so that you guys can catch up more often.


10. You would want to know about each other’s current relationship status.


11. You might just start crying out of happiness that you guys finally met.


12. You may go to those places where you used to hangout before.


13. If you guys haven’t been in touch, you are sure to blame each other for not doing so.


14. You remember the embarrassing and stupid moments and fights that you had.


15. You bitch about the people you used to hate.


16. You recall about life being easier back then and that some things don’t change even with time.


17. You are no longer hesitant and confess what you never had the guts to say before.




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