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15 Types Of People You Encounter By The Time You Reach 25

Updated on 10 September, 2019 at 6:27 pm By

Everyone is unique, just like everyone else. By the time we reach 25, we have already met hundreds of people, each having a different personality which separates them from the rest. Some of them charming while others very hard to deal with. And here are some of those kinds you must have met at some point in your life before you turned 25.



1. The “Maa-ka-ladla” types.

They love their mother in the purest form and share just everything with her. It’s hard for them to say “No” to her. Infact, very hard.

Best thing about them: They love their mother unconditionally.

Not-so-best thing about them: They are still looking for a girl just like their mother. Hard to find!

Common dialogue: My mother is my bestest friend.


2. The outspoken.


They speak whatever hits their mind first and are not afraid to hurt others with their straightforward opinions. They are not easy to be friends with but they never fake themselves.

Best thing about them: They are very honest.

Not-so-best thing about them: They ending up hurting too many people around them.

Common dialogue: I think your boyfriend is a jerk, he doesn’t even know how to dress up.


3. The complete bakchods.

They think they are born with a smart mouth but actually they have just too many mouths. Sometimes they are funny but most of the times, they are pain in the ass.

Best thing about them: At times, they are hilarious.

Not-so-best thing about them: After talking to them, you might just need a head massage.

Common dialogue. Do you my daily routine? Wait, I will tell you. I wake up at 6 in the morning and then brush my teeth.. and blah..blah (after 1 hour)…and finally I sleep.


4. The dreamers.

They don’t care what others say and do. They are very much aware of their goals and will follow what their heart says.

Best thing about them: They do what they love.

Not-so-best thing about them: Sometimes it’s bit hard to understand them as they don’t share much.

Common dialogue: Ek udaan he sapno ko zindagi degi…sapno se jod do isse.


The Dreamers

5. The solid silent types.

They are soft-spoken and think deeply about everything said to them. They will share their life with you only if you sit alone with them.

Best thing about them: They will never bitch about anyone.

Not-so-best thing about them: They just have too many secrets.

Common dialogue: Thank you.


6. The naturally mad.

Their weird dressing sense will definitely hint you that they are a bit different. Everything about them is so unique that they will keep surprising you with their mad philosophy of life.

Best thing about them: If they didn’t exist, we would have never known what madness is.

Not-so-best thing about them: Extreme Madness can sometimes be disgusting.

Common dialogue: Hum to aise he hain bhai.


7. The hyperactives.

They are genetically very reactive and worry about useless things.  They are either too quiet or too hyper. They don’t exist in “between”.

Best thing of  them: They care about everyone.

Not-so-best thing of them: Their regular anxiety attacks irritate others.

Commonly used words:  OMG!, Really !, Oh Shit really !.


8. The Alia Bhatt types.

They still think that Priyanka Gandhi is the Prime Minister of India and Manmohan Singh is the President. They are either reading the Bollywood gossip magazines or watching ‘Gossip Girls’. Their Facebook status:  At TajMahal in Agra. Emperor Akbar well done.

Best thing about them: They have solution to all your personal problems.

Not-so-best thing about them: Except that, they know nothing.

Common dialogue: Aaj ke gossip sun…bitch!


9. The depressionists.

They are very pessimistic and have no friends. If at all something good happens to them, they are busy finding faults in it too.

Best thing about them: Nothing!

Not-so-best thing about them: Everything about them is boring. They always need someone to get them out off the shell.

Common dialogue:  Yaar life jhand hai meri.


10. The full of lives.

They live life to the fullest and for them, today is all they got. They spread love and don’t believe in waiting for the right moment.

Best thing about them: Everything about their personality is so magnetic.

Not-so-best thing about them: They forget things easily, as they are lost in the moment.

Common dialogue: Zindagi na milagi dobara!


11.  The beep-beep ones.

They are completely frustrated with their lives and believe that the only way to drain out their frustration is to add a “Gaali” after every line.

Best thing about them: They are useful only when you are in danger

Not-so-best thing them: Rude-ness and Rowdy-ness  are their two birthrights.

Common Dialogue:  Yaar kaisa hai aajkal tu bench*d ?


12. The nerds.

They topped every olympiad during their school days (which you were not even eligible to participate) and you usually see their photo on IIT-result day in every leading newspaper. Everyone usually remembers them during the exam days but honestly they can be best of friends.

Best thing about them: They are really helpful.

Not-so-best thing about them: They are too serious in life.

Common dialogue: Yaar kitni padhai karni hai?


13. The attitude wale.

Just because their father is a successful businessman and owns a Mercedes E-series, they carry with themselves I-AM-ABOVE-ALL attitude.

Best thing about them: Just in case you need the question paper of the Maths exam, you can call them.

Not-so-best thing about them: What else? Their Arrogance!

Common dialogue: Tujhe pata hai mera baap kaun hai ?


The Attitude Wala

Dekh BHai memes

14. The fake ones.

They buy the cheapest branded watches from Chandi Chowk and flaunt it like I-ONLY-BUY-THE-BRANDED-THINGS.

Best thing about them: Want to buy the cheapest clothes, mobile or pirated video games? Just contact them.

Not-so-best thing about them:  Fake is fake. Stop fooling around!

Common dialogue:  Main kabhi second hand cheez nahi leta 


The Fake ones

15. The non-sense humourists

They want to make everyone laugh but lacks sense of humour.  To impress people, they will memorise Khushwant Singh’s joke book and recite them to every stranger they meet.

Best thing about them: They are completely adorable and innocent

Not-so-best thing about them: They will tell you the same joke a million times.

Common dialogue: Yaar main kitna funny hun.


The Nonsense humour

Claps and slaps





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