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16 Things That Happen When Girls See Their Besties After A Long Time

Updated on 10 July, 2016 at 11:58 am By

Meeting your bestie after ages? OMG, the feeling is just so awesome! It’s like meeting your long distance lover after a long time (even more surreal than that). You want to instantly hug and tell them how much you’ve been missing them. It’s normal to experience butterflies in your stomach. Your eyes will well up with tears of nostalgia, love, and enthusiasm. And it’s not over dramatic, it’s just an overflow of love for your best friend.


The feeling is just indescribable. And when that reunion actually happens you can surely expect some or most of these reactions!

1. The anticipation level hits the roof; time seems to have to come to a standstill.


2. Get ready to say the loudest ‘Hi’ of your life, and be ready for the tightest hug, too.

Go ahead, scream your lungs out!


3. Once you meet, spend the first hour or so staring at each other’s faces.

Check her out completely right from the hair on her head, to the shoes on her feet.




4. You need no prompting and start sharing notes immediately; spewing all the gossip and stories you were dying to share with each other and couldn’t on Facebook or WhatsApp.


5. Don’t even try to hide any ‘sexcapades’; one look into your eyes and your bestie will know the truth.

Get graphic, don’t hold back at all.


6. Once your nerves settle down, the nostalgia will start spilling out. All those memories, both good and bad, will come back in an instant, and make you both ever so emotional.

Go on. Give each other a bear hug.


7. There has to be a session of non-stop laughing.

Sorry guys but please bear with us!


8. Once you calm down, everything on the phones/neighborhood/classroom needs to be shared.

Spill all the juicy details! Let no secrets remain.


9. Time for getting drunk and ‘senti’ over a bottle of wine and scented candles.

Nothing wrong with that.


10. You have to take a picture together, after all, you have been apart for ‘ages’.

Click a picture and post it on Facebook ASAP.


11. Plans for a PJ party start immediately, and obviously, they include loud music and dancing.

Time to shake off the loneliness that you both felt.


12. Pig out on chocolates and chips and cookies, and don’t worry about the calories at all.

The dancing will burn the calories. Relax.


13. Once the sugar rush settles down, future planning is next on the agenda — nobody knows your dreams better than your bestie.

Time to get real.


14. The wedding plans that you have both been making since you were very young, can get real now.

We don’t need a wedding planner. If you are married already, may be you will discuss how it turned out for both of you.


15. Cross your hearts to never be apart again; even the thought is scary.


16. Your lives suddenly get rocking again.


There’s nothing like a best friend in this world!



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