Meet Lucas Nascimento Aka Dragonarte, Man Behind Funniest Superhero Comic Strips

5:16 pm 11 Jan, 2019


Have you heard of the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? Most of you must have, but do you know of an artist who makes this come true? Well, there are quite a few, and I am going to introduce you to one of them. And the artist in question is a Brazilian illustrator Lucas Nascimento who’s comic strips speak a million words. And the most interesting thing is that there isn’t a single dialogue in them. Intriguing, right!

There was a time when people who read comics were classified nerds. But over time this has changed, as has the definition of the word the nerd itself. Today, many people enjoy some good humor in the form of comics. And if you are one of them, you surely will love what Lucas  Nascimento has to offer.




Lucas goes by the name Dragonarte when it comes to his illustrations and signs all of his comic artworks in the same name. But that’s not all that his works have in common. What they primarily have in common is uniqueness and comedy. Yes, his Instagram page is full of funny comic pieces, and its surely nothing like you’ve seen before.

Don’t believe it? Well, then have a look at it yourself:



While Superman is busy crying over his essentials, check out Thor trying to fix his hammer. And yes, Loki is, in fact, chasing butterflies.


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Is it Batman or Superman? LOL!



A Stark hit!



What happens when Batman sneezes?



Levitation. Really??



Funny, aren’t they? Well, have you ever thought of what the off-springs of different superheroes be like? Lucas did not only think of that but also put it down on paper. Yes, the Brazilian illustrator did a series of sketches where he shows what superheroes off-springs will be like.

Lucas Nascimento sketches the baby human torch:



And baby Deadpool




So, what do you think of the comic art by Lucas Nascimento aka Dragonarte?

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