This Is How A Medical Student Brought Development To A Neglected Village In Rajasthan

12:13 pm 2 Jul, 2018


The profession of a doctor might be highly demanding, but the doctors put their best efforts in saving the lives of the sick patients. As they save lives of their patients, people often consider them as God’s incarnation on earth. Here’s a fun fact about doctors.  We observed the Doctor’s Day in India on July 1 to pay homage to the lakhs of medical professionals who work day in and out for the betterment of the people.

As we are well aware of the poor medical facilities in the rural areas of the country, there are few doctors in the country who have left their high-paying jobs for the treatment of such rural villagers. One such inspiring and noble medical professional who has heard the plight of rural people is Ashwani Parashar.



An MBBS student from SMS Govt Medical College, Rajasthan, Ashwani Parashar is working hard towards the development of a remote village of Rajghat. This village is only a few kilometres away from his hometown in Dhaulpur, Rajasthan. Unexpectedly, the village lacked the basic amenities of life including drinking water, electricity and proper road access. Moreover, none of the government schemes have been strictly implemented in the village.



In order to bring the necessary changes to the Rajghat Village, Ashwani started a campaign under the name of #SaveRajghat to salvage the lives of 350 people living in the village. Furthermore, the medical student filed a PIL in the Rajasthan High Court after which he received a letter of desire from the Prime Minister’s office in support of the campaign.




After a lot of struggle, Ashwani has managed to spread the voice of Rajghat in the country as NGOs and self-help groups are reaching out to help the village. And the 22-year-old has finally done something that even the government couldn’t do. With the help of crowdfunding, solar energy has been made accessible in the entire village and 25 water filters have also been installed. While the children are finally able to study in the night, eight community toilets have been built in the village for improving the health condition of the people.



In an interview regarding the issue, medical student Ashwani Parashar said:

“Yes, studying is my priority but in the course of self-development, I can’t neglect my Rajghat and other Rajghats across the country. I have to do something. We have to do something. And together we will bring a better change for sure.”



Well, it is because of doctors like Ashwini Parashar that we believe in such a noble profession. There may be many doctors in the country, but one who works for the growth and development of people without any selfish gains or monetary benefits is a true doctor and saviour.