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How Different Societies Define Sexy

Updated on 6 September, 2017 at 7:15 pm By

Being called ‘sexy’ is a matter of pride for women across all cultures. ‘Sexy’ is defined as as being excitingly appealing, glamorous and sexually interesting.


Beauty, sexiness and hotness are all relative and have different standards in various cultures. Nevertheless, they all mean that a woman is definitely God’s best creation and has the potential to make or break empires (Remember Helen of Troy?).

Take a look at what describes a woman to be sexy or beautiful in different countries across the globe.


Indian women are regarded as some of the most beautiful women in the world – after all, we have given the world a number of beauty queens, warrior princesses and political leaders. The ancient land celebrates women in all her glory.


Body art and piercings in India are not only considered sexy but also religious. Applying heena, adorning themselves in costly jewellery, and wearing some of the brightest fabrics is what Indian women are appreciated for around the world.


In Kenya, women sport a lip plate which begins as a piercing and is expanded over time. The lip plate is not merely a fashion statement, but it is a representation of female self-esteem and empowerment.



The practise begins when a girl reaches puberty at the age of 12 or 13.

Kenyan women “accessorise” their lip plates by stretching their earlobes with circular discs and cropping their hair short in order to appear sexier. The bigger the lip plate, the sexier the woman.


In order to fix the short neck and get beautiful long necks – the longer the sexier – women in Myanmar wear brass rings around their necks. The tradition starts when the girl is young and more rings are added as she grows older to push the shoulder down.


AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe

AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe

The practise is a controversial one, but overall, it is an ancient Burmese custom to lengthen the neck to make women feel more confident and powerful.


Body scars are considered to be very sexy in some tribes of Ethiopia, which is very ironic because rest of the world would rather hide the scars. Women will cut out elaborate scars over their bodies at a young age to attract a good husband. Not only women, men too scar their bodies.


National Geographic

National Geographic

The elders of the society believe that scars are supposed to be adorned as jewellery because they show the world that the person has lived and has had a rough and hard working life as opposed to a sheltered life where they will not have scars.


Believe it or not, Iran is the ‘nose job capital of the world’. While Japan, South Korea and USA are obsessed with plastic surgery and remain discreet about it, the people of Iran are proud to show off their bandages on the nose. The craziness has reached such an extent that even if someone hasn’t had the surgery, they would still buy surgical bandages to paste them on their noses to give an illusion of having a nose job.


Iranian women think that having a perfect nose makes one sexier and beautiful and that such a lady has good chances of landing a rich husband.


All over in Asian continent, having pale white skin is the ultimate symbol of beauty. That is the reason why people in these three nations will sport white makeup to look fairer. The paler the woman is, the sexier she is as pale skin symbolises the wealth and affluence of a woman.


In Japan, pale women are most desirable as these women are considered rich enough not to toil under the sun to earn a living.


Brazilian women are considered sexy if they have big butts. Big, round and protruding butts are symbols of power, wealth and ultimate sexiness. These women often have bodies in the shape of a guitar and are envied by women across the world as they have tanned and toned bodies.


Brazilian women have mixed genes. They get their big butts from the African genes in them. They are also obsessed with gymming and beauty treatments. The real reason why they have big butts is because African women had big butts due to the scarcity of food and heat in the African continent. The body stores fat for a longer period of time and butt is the ideal place because it doesn’t interrupt the women’s centre of gravity.



In these two countries, the bigger you are the sexier you are! While rest of the world is imposing standards of sexy as size zero, there are young girls of 7 years being taken out of school and sent to “fat farms”. There the girls are made to eat fattening foods like dates and milk. The society believes that the fatter you are, the wealthier you are and can afford to eat. Fatness is sexier.


Maoris of New Zealand consider face tattoos to be sexy and beautiful. Instead of being deterred of getting a tattoo, men and women of Maori tribe consider getting tattoo a sacred tradition which involves getting ink itched on their chins.


They also use traditional tools to ink a tattoo rather than modern electrical instruments. Depending on the design, one can attract a suitor. The more intricate the tattoo, the hotter one appears.


Sexy women of ancient China were the ones with small feet. The ancient practise of foot binding was an extreme beautifying procedure where women would bandage their feet at a young age to make themselves more appealing to the opposite sex. The practise caused severe deformations in the bones.


The psyche behind such a practise was that small feet woman doesn’t have to work all day and this symbolises her wealth and affluence. In China, there are still some societies in the interiors where people practise this custom.


“Gyaru” is the new fashion in town. This new fashion includes having new, crazy styles which includes different colours, crazy outfits and insane makeup. The women believe that acting crazy attract males and makes them more desirable.


Another weird fashion is ‘Yaeba’. It is a new fashion craze where women undergo surgeries to get crooked teeth smile and teeth that look like fangs. Men find this imperfect, crooked teeth smile cute and tag such girls as sexy.



South Korean women are not only obsessed with pale skin, but undergo extensive surgical procedures to get a V-line face. Such a V-line face is considered to be extremely beautiful and one can see many South Korean actresses opting for surgeries to get this perfect chiselled face.


Eastern European girls are universally considered to be extremely sexy. But the ultimate marker of sexiness in these countries is having a big bosom. To achieve this desired standard of beauty, women undergo plastic surgeries and several painful exercises.


Traditionally it is believed that big bosoms are symbol of maturity, wealth and fullness. Women with big bosom are thought to be great mothers, devoted wives and great sexual partners.



Having dark, almond-shaped kohl-lined eyes are the epitome of beautiful in the Middle East. Big eyes are enviable and are perceived as a glimpse of the person’s heart. Since a number of women wear burqa, which only shows off the eyes, lining the eyes with kohl makes them a symbol of beauty.


French women are considered to be one of the sexiest on our planet. They do not believe in layering makeup on their faces and applying layers of lipsticks on their lips. Instead, going au naturel is considered to be very sexy in France.


One can spot women with minimal or no makeup on French streets. Also, they do not like to use perfumes or deodorants. They like the natural body odour just the way they love their smooth, beautiful natural skin.



No matter what country you are from, the ultimate beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


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