#SheOfferedHerself! The Other Side Of #MeToo We Avoid Talking About

5:22 pm 13 Oct, 2018

Women are sexually exploited, so are men! With the rise of #MeTooIndia, the elephant in the room is finally becoming clearer to everyone. However, that is just one part of the story. Indeed this movement will provide justice to those survivors who were victims of sexual abuse or harassment. However, what about those who willingly offered themselves as a means to climb the ladder of success? Certainly, a risky topic to talk about when the movement of #MeToo is finally gaining momentum in the country! Still, this is a question I would certainly like to ask.

No, it just didn’t pop up in my head like a random thought. While applauding those who are genuinely raising their voice to seek justice, we also need to address the hypocrites who are joining this movement under the pretense of being a victim. Getting back to the origin of the idea, this is the post that actually sparked my thoughts.



Be it a she or a he, the stories of someone giving sexual favours to gain undue advantage isn’t something new. But the irony is, amid the wave of #MeToo movement, the same people are now demanding ‘justice’ for the victims.

No, this piece is not about undermining the intensity of the grave issue of sexual harassment. It is just a mere opinion that requests you to think about those who are actually misusing the movement.



Certainly, you may ask for instances and examples. Believe me, I have plenty! However, I certainly don’t want to see myself get dragged in court for defamation. Hence, I will refrain from sharing them despite losing the ground for establishing credibility.



No doubt we come across numerous such cases in our daily lives, but what irks me is the fact that people, especially women, get the benefit of the doubt when it’s about sexual harassment.

I agree with the high rate of occurrence of sexual abuses but at the same time, we also need to get vocal when someone who offered herself or himself for personal gain claims to be a victim. It actually undermines the issue and denies the true survivors from getting justice. What do you think?