Mohammad Kaif Welcomes Supreme Court’s Verdict On Triple Talaq, Faces Unexpected Backlash

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2:10 pm 23 Aug, 2017


If you actually dream of a progressive India, then you need have progressive thinking. Muslim women who have been bravely fighting against the evil practices in the name religion finally got a step up when the Supreme Court of India passed a historic verdict on triple talaq and said that instant triple talaq will be considered illegal from now on.

Yes, there are many other fallacies that need a check but we can still take it as the first step towards women empowerment, right?

After Supreme Court’s Verdict On Triple Talaq. Source


Just like many others, Mohammad Kaif welcomed the verdict on triple talaq. Kaif, who is quite vocal about his opinions, has often raised his voice on Twitter.

Mohammad Kaif welcomes SC’s verdict on Triple Talaq. Source



This is how Mohammad Kaif celebrated the court’s decision.

Kaif’s blunt behavior has led to controversies many times. Unfortunately, Kaif’s decision to welcome the Supreme Court’s verdict didn’t go well. It’s shocking to see that there are people who are against this decision and are lashing out at those who are encouraging this move of the Supreme Court.

Here’s how people reacted to Kaif’s tweet:







Being a Muslim woman, I can happily say that this move by the Supreme Court is surely a step towards women empowerment. At least now men will not dominate marriages and women won’t feel insecure that they can be instantly given talaq at any moment for no reason. Yes, there are other false practices in the name of religion that are making women’s life miserable and an appeal should be made in court to look at them as well.

People who are against the SC’s verdict are people who are feeling unarmed after the decision was announced. These are people who marry a woman thinking that Allah has given them the power to throw her out whenever they feel like it.