Here’s Why Tomato Goes Missing From Mcdonald’s Burgers

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3:43 pm 16 Jul, 2016


This could probably be good news for the ones who start eating the burger by picking out that one slice of tomato and putting it aside. But for others, remember that Mc Donald’s did not ‘forget’ your tomato slice.

Connaught Plaza restaurants, the company which operates McDonald’s in northern and eastern regions of India, has displayed a notice on its outlets citing reasons behind not serving tomatoes in their burgers. It says that it is due to the non-availability of quality tomatoes in the region.

However, according to news sources, there is no dearth of quality tomatoes in the market. What’s hurting to the fast food join are the sky high tomato prices. At the moment, tomatoes in Delhi are costing around Rs 80/kg.

Hey McDonald’s, we get the idea of cost cutting in business. No need to lie, bro.

Chill! We’ll manage without tomatoes for a while. Your loyalty is in safe hands!



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