Mayanti Know’s How To Reply When It’s About Stuart Binny: They Truly Share An Amazing Bond

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2:02 pm 24 May, 2016


The all rounder of Royal Challengers Bangalore, Stuart Binny, captured the limelight this IPL season. Fans experienced some wonderful and awe-inspiring catches and Binny was one of the players who made this possible.

Stuart binny catch


But Binny has been a topic of gossip ever since he married Mayanti Langer. Just because Mayanti is way too beautiful and hotter than her husband, people think Binny doesn’t deserve to be her husband. Time and again, people try trolling him but Mayanti shoos them away with her amazing wit.



Something similar happened again when a fan asked Mayanti this question:


But it lokks like Mayanti knows how to handle it. She was ready with her amazing answer:


The answer was so perfect that it made the Twitter user praise her as well.



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