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These Maxim Supermodels Sizzle With Their Hottest Cover-shoot, And You Can’t Miss It!

Published on 27 September, 2018 at 12:38 pm By

“The best thing to happen to men, since women”. Resonate with this line? You must have if you’re a keen follower of one of the world’s most famous international men’s monthly magazine – Maxim. If the tagline wasn’t enough, go have a look at any page of this bestselling magazine. You’ll soon find an array of sexy pictorials featuring popular actresses, singers, and hottest female models, who grace the covers for the men out there! Maxim supermodels are known for their stunning cover photos.

Now, three Maxim supermodels, all dusky, and hot have graced the cover of Maxim India’s latest September issue (2018). They are Priyanka Karunakaran, Priyanka Moodle, and Poulomi Polo Das.



Almost just down to their bare essentials, these Maxim supermodels managed to soar the temperatures high with their stunning looks!



However, these dusky beauties are real ‘beauties with brains’. Each of the models looked stunningly beautiful!




The trio has their own definition of their ‘perfect man’ as well. For Poulomi Das, he should ‘smell, look, and cook well.’ Are men listening?



As far as people mocking her complexion goes, she says: ‘I’ve always tried to correct them, but I don’t respond in a rude way.



For Priyanka Karunakaran, ‘Human beings have their own flaws’. Therefore, she has learned to accept hers.



Speaking about her favorite man, Karunakaran said, ‘By treating us like equals.’



Want to date the other Priyanka? Well, Priyanka Moodley says she likes ‘love food, sunsets, and wine.’ Make note, you guys!



And where will a suitor find Moodley on a Friday night? The answer is in this post:



Last but not the least, the best advice for any man would be to just ‘make her smile’ and she’s yours!



What do you think of these Maxim supermodels? Aren’t they just crazily hot?!



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