Maulana Ejaz Arshad Qasmi Assaulted Female Advocate Farah Faiz During Live News Debate, And Twitterati Are Furious

7:59 pm 18 Jul, 2018


We have witnessed a drastic change in the way news debates are presented on Indian televisions by various media channels. From screaming to thrusting opinion down someone else’s throat, everything takes place in name of discussion. Different panelists have appeared on the news debates who are infamous for their deeds. They put their perspective on national incidents in a sensational and frenzied news debate. Apparently, a debate on the issue of triple talaq which was telecasted on the Zee Hindustan news channel took an ugly turn when one of the male speakers assaulted a fellow woman panelist on live television.

Interestingly, the news debate was about the triple talaq where the anchor and the guest panelists were confronting if Quran recognizes triple talaq as a form of divorce or not. As per the debate moderator, Muslims clerics were running a parallel judicial system. But what should have been a peaceful expression of opinions became a battlefield after an unexpected abusive exchange of comments by the panelist.




In what can be termed as a heated live news debate show, Maulana Ejaz Arshad Qasmi and a Supreme Court lawyer ended up hitting each other after a clash of opinions on the show. In an horrific turn of events, advocate Farah Faiz hit Maulana Ejaz Qasmi after an intense news debate.

Later, Maulana Qasmi retaliated by hitting back the advocate on live television. However, the news anchor was trying to control the scenario that got out of hand, Maulana Qasmi kept on abusing his fellow panelists.



Watch the hard-hitting video of the news debate :



After the fight was stopped, the news anchor made a declaration on the live show saying that:

‘Maulana Qasmi has made a huge mistake and according to me, he has to apologize to the entire country. He has to accept his mistake of hitting a woman on a news channel and the fourth pillar of democracy will not bear such heinous crime any individual. It is extremely shameful.’



As expected the video went viral on all social media platforms and the netizens reacted with outrageous comments on the video. Take a look at some of most hard-hitting responses:



At least someone is having fun!








Expression of anger!


Suffestions are pouring in!


Where is the rule of law?


Precise opinion!




What to say now!



What do you think about this news debate video?

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