Last Man Standing – One Man Stays Behind To Care For Fukushima’s Animals

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2:00 pm 16 Mar, 2015


After the tsunami hit Japan in March 2011, the nuclear power plant at Fukushima experienced a malfunction that led to radiation leak. The entire area was evacuated and people left in a huge hurry, leaving behind prized possessions as well as family pets.

Naoto Matsumura, is a farmer who lives in Tomioka, who came back after people had been evacuated, to take care of abandoned pets and animals.

Despite the danger in continuing to live there, Matsumura san is not going to leave the task that he has taken up. He spends a lot of his time feeding all the different animals of the region, like dogs, cats, cows, horses, ostriches, etc. He also takes care of the newborns.

When Matsumura returned to Tomioka, he found that most of the pets were still tied because people thought they’d come back in a while.


But the people never returned so Matsumura san is still taking care of the animals. He takes food across the area and is greeted by barks wherever he goes. He was featured in an episode of Vice in 2011 and now receives some donations of food and water to help him.

Over the years, Matsumura has seen tragic scenes and faced overwhelming odds, but the 52-year-old survives on canned food and lives without electricity to help the animals.

*If you wish to help Naoto Matsumura in any way, please see this page.

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