Mumbai Woman’s Matrimonial Ad Has Drawn Out Agitators On The Street

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4:42 pm 24 Feb, 2016

How offending can a mere matrimonial advertisement be?

Well, considering the growing ‘intolerance’ in the country, anything has the potential to be offensive enough to draw agitated crowds onto the streets. Our egos have grown a little too big.


In the eastern suburbs, 50 km away from central Mumbai lies Dombivli.

One of its resident, a divorcee woman, placed a matrimonial ad in a Kutchi Samaj newspaper seeking a groom not from the same suburb. She is reportedly not keen on spending her entire life in the same local suburb. 

As a result of this, the residents are furious about being publicly insulted. They think the woman should have privately rejected the proposals on phone rather than dishonoring the locality on a public platform. According to them, the episode shows them in a very poor light and will effect the decisions of people planning to shift to the area.


With hurt sentiments, the community has raised protests against the woman and is drawing out signature campaigns against her.

The agitators formed two teams, and visited shops, residential areas and got forms signed for a hate campaign against the woman. The letter mentioned that Dombivli has a lot of Kutchi families and it is an insult to all of them to sideline the boys staying in the area, reports Mid-Day.


The woman is not responding to the allegations as of now and has switched off her cell phone. The newspaper has issued a statement apologizing for ignoring the deep consequences of the advertisement while promising to be careful in their future print.


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