Woman Asks Mathura Sales Tax Commissioner To Replace His Car’s Horn

7:09 pm 1 Aug, 2017


A recent video from Mathura region of Uttar Pradesh has gone viral on social media for all the right reasons and this video is proof about women raising their voices against hooligans.

The video depicts a woman slamming a government officer. It was when the driver of the sales tax commissioner started honking his car’s horn at the woman. The horn was too loud and when the driver continued honking at the woman, she lost control and gave him a good lesson.

Woman asking sales tax officer to change his car’s horn youtube.com



The woman who was on her Scooty, got down from it and walked towards the commissioner’s car. She then asked the driver why he was honking so badly, to which he tried threatening her of it being a government officer’s carriage. This was completely unacceptable for the woman and she then walked towards the commissioner. She asked him about his driver’s behavior and slammed the commissioner for misusing his power on citizens.

This in no time took the form of a heated argument and grabbed the attention of many people. People started taking interest in whatever was happening. A few of them recorded the entire incident. Later, the commissioner tried explaining by saying that he could not help the car’s horn as it is already installed in the car. To which the lady replied,

Don’t you have any money to change the car’s horn?

This left him stunned and he agreed with the lady asking her to let it go and promised to get his car’s horn changed. Here is the complete video of the incident.



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