Women Got No Support From Co-passengers After They Caught A Man Masturbating On The Bus

2:56 pm 19 Nov, 2018


Women face many things in day to day life, and one such thing is when men deliberately make them feel uncomfortable. One such horrific and filthy incident came into light when two married women in Guwahati registered a complaint against a man. According to a website’s report, two women named Daisy and Shabana were traveling in a bus when they saw a man masturbating.

They both were on the bus in the afternoon sitting in their respective seats when a man came and sat with one of the women, Daisy. She was shocked to see that the man started masturbating in front of her. Yes! how disgusting it is?




The complaint has been made to the police against the man masturbating on the bus.

The women have reported the incident to the Police, and are ready to fight the case. They have clearly mentioned in the complaint that the man intentionally opened his zip and showed his penis while masturbating to the women.



Nobody came for help.

The woman claimed that when they saw the man masturbating in front of the woman, she started shouting and asked the other men on the bus to look at the disgusting act, but instead of helping and saying something against him, they started laughing. Even when the women asked the driver to stop the bus, the passengers started saying that their time is getting wasted.



The family was also not in the support.

After the incident, the women recount that even their family members were not in their support and were uncomfortable with the coverage of the news in media. Shabana said that her husband was supporting her, but other family members not.




This is not the first time that such an act of shame has happened, but the big question is that how long it is gonna continue? What are your thoughts on it? Have you experienced something like this?

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