14 Reasons Why Masturbation Is Good For Girls

Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 4:20 pm

Many might think that masturbation is something evil and one should, therefore, not indulge in it. But there are studies and reasons that show masturbation is good if done the right way. Here are 14 reasons why masturbation is good for girls.

1. It will help you fight your inability to sleep.

After long sessions, if started early at night, it can give you good sound sleep.


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2. It makes you more creative as you find creative ways to masturbate.


3. It can also help you to a great extent to know your favorite positions.


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4. It’s a treatment of your mind to calm down your anxiety.


5. It might also make you sexier than you were before as indulgence with self will help you develop your sexual requirements or habits.


6. Studies have shown that masturbation helps relieve stress and tension.


7. You get to understand a lot about your own sexual wants and desires which can then help you while having sex with your partner.


8. You will have a lot of relief, a lot of. Trust me with that!


9. It will definitely make you feel better about yourself and also more contented!


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10. You can get involve in mutual masturbation while having sex and it will make you both understand each other’s body.


11. You will feel more confident before sleeping with someone, you know where to direct him so that you can have great first sex!


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12. It will make your mind and body seek a balance where the understanding will be better!


13. Masturbation is very healthy for body. It increases blood circulation in these organs.


14. Masturbation helps during menstrual cramps. Relief!


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