Swati Mahadik, A Martyr’s Wife, Joins The Indian Army As Lieutenant

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7:21 pm 9 Sep, 2017


Swati Santhosh Mahadik, the 38-year-old wife of Colonel Santhosh Mahadik, chose to follow her husband’s path and joined the Indian Army. She was commissioned as lieutenant today. Her husband lost his life fighting terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir in 2015. Her husband was part of the elite 21 Para-Special Forces unit and he was awarded a Sena Medal during Operation Rhino in the Northeast in 2003. He was the commanding officer of 41 Rashtriya Rifles. Swati Mahadik is a graduate of the University of Pune, and she cleared the Service Selection Board (SSB) examination last year. She had been undergoing training at the Officers training academy in Chennai.


Swati told ANI about her zeal to work in the Indian army, 


When you lose someone who is close to you it hurts. His (Colonel Mahadik) first love was his uniform and his unit, so I just had to wear this. It just happened and I did not even work harder for this. Even my family was with me, so I know I will be able to do it. After wearing this uniform, I want to know what work has to be done and I will learn it.


Another brave example of self-determination was led by Nidhi Dubey, who lost her husband to cardiac arrest. She was four months pregnant at that time and her in-laws suddenly abandoned her and asked her to leave.


Nidhi went back to her mother’s place and decided to fight back. It was the birth of her son, Suyash, that motivated her to change her life. After being advised by her husband’s seniors in the army, Nidhi decided to prepare for the Services Selection Board (SSB) exams.

After months of training, hard work and a series of failed attempts, Nidhi finally cleared the SSB exams. She will begin her training on September 30.

Best wishes to these strong-willed women!



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