As Hundreds Weep, Martyr’s Seven-Year-Old Daughter Honors Hero Dad By Saluting His Coffin

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5:19 pm 17 Aug, 2016

Hundreds of people gathered outside CRPF commandant Pramod Kumar’s home on August 16 so as to pay him their last respect.

Kumar had died on August 15 after he was hit by a bullet in Srinagar’s Nowhatta Chowk area during a militant attack.


Just an hour before he was shot he had raised the national flag for CRPF’s Independence Day celebration and given a moving speech.


While over a hundred of people silently cried while paying their respects to Kumar, they were moved by the sight that they saw that evening.

Kumar’s seven-year-old daughter Aarna, as her last goodbye saluted her father’s coffin which was wrapped in the national flag.


Equally proud of her husband, Kumar’s wife Neha said that her husband always believed in leading from the front and said she was proud of him.

“My husband always took the lead… He always felt that those providing security had families too and, therefore, there was little point in putting their lives in danger. He was a hero. I am proud of my husband. No matter how much personal pain I am in, it is hard to believe that anybody would find reasons not to salute his sacrifice.”

44-year-old Kumar was the commanding officer of the 49th battalion of the CRPF and was posted in Srinagar since 2014.

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