Jat Leaders Demand ‘Martyr’ Status For Dead Protesters

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2:09 pm 12 Mar, 2016


Even with government promising Jat community that they would soon be given reservation and talks about the Bill already on, there is a strong possibility that they might hit the streets again.

Jat leaders are now demanding that those who died during protest last month, should be given ‘martyr’ status and cases against the protesters should be dropped.




They have also threatened to resume their protest if their demands are not met.





But the state government is assuring people that if such a situation arise, they are prepared to deal with it.

During their protest this February, Jats had caused havoc in the state of Haryana and even torched several shops, malls and public properties.




Currently an all-party meeting has been called for in Haryana, so as to prepare a blue print for the Jat reservation bill.