This Martial Arts Teacher Was Given The Responsibility Of Training Tiger Shroff Even Before He Was Born

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4:36 pm 4 Apr, 2018


Whether you love action films or not, you can’t deny the fact that Tiger Shroff puts his heart and soul in each and every action scene he does to make it look absolutely fascinating. And the young star is capable of doing it equally well off screen too! His unbelievable action scenes in his debut film ‘Heropanti’ not only earned him fame as a promising actor in Bollywood but also an honorary 5th degree black belt from Kukkiwon-World Taekwondo Headquarters, South Korea.




For the uninitiated, Tiger Shroff is a trained martial artist who is receiving martial arts training since he was a 2-year-old. There is no doubt that he has put in utmost hard work and dedication all these years in getting the martial art skills and a super-fit body that he has today. But have you ever wondered who is the man who helped Tiger do all this since his very childhood?


Nizamuddin Mulla with Tiger Shroff NaiDunia


He is Nizamuddin Mulla, a martial arts coach who was entrusted with the responsibility of teaching martial arts to Tiger even before he was born. One day while he was practicing martial arts, Jackie Shroff was also sitting there. Seeing Nizamuddin Mulla’s skills, Jackie told him to teach the art to his children. Upon asking how old the children are, Mulla was told that they aren’t even born yet, but whenever they are born, he will have to train them in martial arts.



About two years later, Jackie introduced Mulla to his son Tiger who started taking training in the art since the age of 2 and continued it for 11 years. A report by Nai Dunia states that Nizamuddin Mulla feels that Tiger’s skills are a result of Jackie Shroff’s vision and his own dedication and hard work.



Nizamuddin Mulla had a deep interest in martial since his very childhood but there was no one in his hometown to train him. In an interview on a Facebook live session, he revealed a lot more about his own training and that of Tiger Shroff. To know what all he said, watch the Facebook video below: