Celebratory ‘Mars Landing Handshake’ Between NASA Engineers Is Lit AF!

12:51 pm 28 Nov, 2018


NASA’s InSight Lander safely landed on Mars and there is no doubt that it is a big achievement. Naturally, the credit for such an achievement goes to the entire team who made it possible. It is also quite understandable the amount of pride and happiness they felt when InSight touched the Red Planet. Also, the InSight Lander started beaming images from Mars that later gave rise to hilarious memes. However, keeping that aside, today we will talk about the ‘Mars landing handshake’ that caught everyone’s attention.

NASA shared the video from its newsroom showing how the InSight Lander team members were waiting in anticipation before the probe landed. You are probably eager to know about that ‘Mars landing handshake’ but before that here’s a treat for you. An image beamed by InSight Lander from Mars to Earth.



As NASA termed it, the InSight survived “seven minutes of terror” before it landed safely on the Red Planet. The team members consisting of scientists and engineers broke out in celebrations instantly. While most were shaking hands traditionally, there were two who gave a special touch to the celebration. See for yourself:



ESPN correspondent Michele Steele soon tweeted that the ‘Mars landing handshake’ seemed like an homage to the 49ers players. They are an American Football team. She further stated that the football players Marquise Goodwin and Kendrick Bourne did a similar handshake after a touchdown. Here’s what she tweeted:



Later, the team also shared the said signature move tagging NASA on their Twitter handle.



The handshake surely caught the attention of the netizens. Thankfully, they were all praises! Check out what the Twitterati said about this awesome ‘Mars landing handshake’.








Identified as members of the Jet Propulsion Lab, Brooke and Jean were the ones who came up with this crazy celebratory move. Later in an interview, they demonstrated the handshake again for others to learn. Also, they confirmed it is the same one that the ESPN correspondent spoke about. They also shared other interesting tit-bits. Here’s the video for you:



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