This Bollywood Actress Got A Marriage Proposal From A Crazy Fan And Surprisingly, She Accepted It!

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7:41 pm 12 Mar, 2018


Actors and actresses having many of their fans wanting to marry them is not something that is never heard before. But we do not commonly get to hear of these actors or actresses accepting these proposals. They usually marry fellow celebrities or businessmen, and sometimes the one whom their parents choose for them. But this actress has accepted a fan’s marriage proposal, and this is not the crazy part. The crazy part is that the actress is already married!




This actress has mostly been seen in supporting roles in quite a few Hindi as well as regional films. She recently got a proposal from one of her fans who messaged her saying that he wanted to marry her. Known for her impeccable performance in the film ‘Taare Zameen Par’ as the mother of specially-abled child Ishan, 44-year-old actress Tisca Chopra recently got a marriage proposal from a fan who did not reveal his identity.


Tisca Chopra in ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Blogspot


What adds cherry on the top of the whole matter is the fact that she is married and a mother of girl, and the fan would most probably have known that. But considering Tisca Chopra’s ravishing looks, it is no surprise that the man could have fallen for her beauty.



Surprisingly, in reply to the message, even Tisca wrote that she was willing to marry him. As per a report by Amar Ujala, in reply to the marriage proposal, Tisca wrote,

Thanks. Yes. I am ready. Give me your details. My husband also wants to see who I am leaving him for.


Tisca Chopra’s husband Sanjay Chopra and daughter Tara Chopra. Instagram



Quite obviously, Tisca had replied in yes jokingly. She is married to Captain Sanjay Chopra, a pilot with Air India and the two have a daughter named Tara Chopra.