Here’s Why Marriage Shouldn’t Mean Settling Down

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Updated on 4 Dec, 2015 at 2:19 pm


Because if that is what you think of marriage, then you are having it figured out all wrong.

‘Marriage’ is a hyped, over-rated and an extremely alarming word. It sends a chill down the spine because, Oh my God, your life is over. You are bombarded with responsibilities and of course, needless to mention, you will be an ‘adult’.

Really? Is it that bad? Or are we confusing it with pausing our lives, settling down and having kids?

Here’s why I refuse to accept that marriage only means settling down.



It should be an ongoing adventure

I am opposed to the belief that love dies eventually and that marriage has a stamp on it. If you two took the plunge to get hitched, hopefully it’d have been when your hearts took the leap to say, ”Yes, you are the one!” This person should be the one you’d want to fulfill your dreams with or do crazy, adventurous things with. If given a choice, you won’t do it with anyone else. That should be marriage.

It shouldn’t mean you’re not ambitious

Did you look down on your friend when she got married early? Do you really think marriage is a choice you make over your ambitions? I genuinely think it’s not a choice. Love, family, career, health – it’s all a way of life you cannot make choices with. If you meet someone who understands your dreams like their own, don’t you think they can turn into reality much better with their support?

Success never tasted sweeter alone

Good, so you anyway made the choice to not get married. But, will the ecstasy of your fulfilled dreams be as sweet as it would have been if you had someone to share it with? Talk about being lonely at the top. I would never want to go back to a lonely house after a day of marathon wins and glittering trophies.

Together it’s bigger and better

More often than not, a relationship should have a common vision to translate it into marriage. Imagine, when you double your ideas and efforts, how enthralling the result would be. Co-joined finances will only give you better ways to live your life. Not to leave out the fun it’d be – you are after all with your favorite person!

Marriage is just an institution some believe in and some don’t. But if you do, don’t let the ‘what about me?’ bug bite you. There are fears and traditional orthodox beliefs we have grown up with, but fortunately, times have changed.

Marriage CAN be fun. 

So if you are on the brink of choosing which road to take, take the one you have your heart set on. And mind you, there are no two roads between dreams and love.

Somewhere deep in the woods, they divulge into one. 



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