A Fan Made A Marriage Proposal To Maria Sharapova; Her Response Won The Hearts Of Everyone

5:59 pm 28 Nov, 2017


Besides being phenomenal in their performance on the court, female tennis players are also known for their exceptional beauty. This is not a sexist statement but an inexplicable fact. Serena Williams, Ana Ivanovic, Steffi Graf, Gabriela Sabatini, Martina Hingis, and Chris Evert are just a few names who have not only established their legacy as tennis greats but also triggered different fashion waves.




It is obvious, therefore, that female tennis stars are often the heartthrob of fans. The fans not only throng the venue where their favorite star puts up but also find ways to send across their love. And sometimes fans are bold enough to propose their favorite – even on the court.

This is 2017 and Maria Sharapova is unanimously, if not officially, hailed as the most beautiful female tennis players of the time. She has won titles and has cemented her name in the league of legends.


But it is not just the achievements alone which have made her the toast of the town. Her face has sold some of the world’s best and costliest products.

Even during her one year period of suspension, Sharapova didn’t disappear from anyone’s minds. And when she was back on the court in April 2017, the news made headlines.


Sharapova was playing in Istanbul, Turkey, on Sunday when a very beautiful thing happened. A fan popped the ‘Big Question’. Yes, not a declaration of love but the question!

“Maria, will you marry me?” the fan asked.

Everyone laughed but Maria won the day with her response. Here, watch what Maria responds to the proposal:

But it is not the first time that something like this happened. Remember this incident when Steffi Graf was proposed by a fan on the Wimbledon court?



That was in 1996 and Graf sportingly responded with one of the most iconic lines ever delivered on a tennis court: “How much money do you have?”




Guess fans have not changed and their love is eternal.