Marriage Celebrations Turn Bad For An Egyptian Bridegroom As He Gets Shot In Groin

6:08 pm 13 Nov, 2017


Wedding celebrations are supposed to be happy events but it can easily turn into a tragic incident, thanks to a surprising tradition of celebratory gunfire. It’s unclear when the phenomenon started, but celebratory gunfire is quite common in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and parts of the Middle East.

Recently, a day of celebrations turned out to be a day of nightmare for one bridegroom in Egypt.

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Osman al-Alsaied, 28, was left badly injured when he was shot in his “private parts” at a bachelor party held a night before his wedding. Instead of discharging his gun into the air, the man fired at him.

Reports said he have received serious injuries to his testicles, thighs, and hand.

The accused, who had fled the crime scene, was later arrested by authorities and will now face legal consequences.


As soon as the incident started circulating online, thousands reacted with outrage.


Following reports of injuries and deaths from celebratory gunfire, the practice has been outlawed by many governments.

This is certainly not the first time celebratory gunfire left people injured in Egypt. Earlier too, an Egyptian wedding guest needed surgery and hospital treatment after he was shot at a wedding.

Watch an Arab wedding celebration with guns:



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