This is How A Social Activist Marvelously Slammed Markandey Katju’s ‘Take Bihar With Kashmir’ Post

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7:05 pm 27 Sep, 2016


Markandey Katju’s opinions are quite incisive and are often praised by the highly active social media community.

But the former chairman of the Press Council Of India has this time given an opinion that is not going down well with many.




His says that if Pakistan wants Kashmir, they should take Bihar too with them.

Though Katju later stated in a series of Facebook posts that he was simply joking, social media expressed its anger.

Probably the best response came from Kundan Srivastava, a social activist who has been instrumental in highlighting the plight of and fighting for Indians in the country and around the world.

He posted this on Facebook in reply to Katju’s post:



(The ‘I’ and ‘My’ in his post is Kundan’s way of presenting Bihar as the embodiment of a living thing.)


Kundan is right. It is true that Bihar has become the centre of attention for all things wrong with the country but Bihar’s contribution to India’s glorious history is immense, which cannot be overlooked.

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