Facebook’s Board Member Insults Indians With Tweet Saying Colonialism Was Better

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 5:08 pm

Marc Andreessen is a well-known name in Silicon Valley. A cofounder of Netscape, Andreessen sits on the board of some of the world’s largest tech giants, such as eBay and HP. He is also a member of the board of directors of Facebook.

He has raised the hackles of Indians on social media by saying that the country would have been in better condition had it remained under British rule.




The tweet has since been removed because it, obviously, generated a controversy.

The remark was part of an exchange between him and Vikram Chachra, an angel investor who has invested in Indian startups such as Carwale.com, EzeTap, LetsVenture, and Online Tyari.

And it happened on the day TRAI downed the high-flying differential pricing system and Facebook’s Free Basics in one shot.

Andreessen first tweeted this:


The tweet did not come as a surprise to anyone because of Andreessen’S connection to Facebook. His defence for Free Basics was, therefore, understandable notwithstanding the fact that the concept of Free Basics has been vehemently criticised even outside of India.

Chachra responded to Andreessen tweet with his own tweet, which can be described as the collective sentiment of those in favour of net neutrality.



Then followed the Colonial jab. You can read the entire exchange in this snapshot:


Andreesen was criticised by many on social media, with some even pointing out how he is a regular with such “garbage tweets”.


 Response 2

But even though he removed the tweet, he appeared unconcerned about the sentiments of Indians who he had hurt with the insult.



Andreesen is one of only six inductees in the World Wide Web Hall of Fame announced at the First International Conference on the World-Wide Web in 1994.

Compare his understanding of Free Basics with that of Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, and you know why the world respects the 60-year-old so much.