Marathon Runner OP Jaisha Collapses At Rio’s Finish Line Thanks To Apathy Of Indian Officials

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10:21 pm 22 Aug, 2016

OP Jaisha, India’s national record holder collapsed at the finishing line of the Rio Olympic’s 2016 marathon and remained unconscious for almost 3 hours.


The marathon of 42.195 km was completed in 2 hours 47 minutes 19 seconds under the scorching heat of Rio with no Indian official present at the check points to provide for water, leave alone refreshments.

And even after she collapsed, it was the Games medical help which came forward and not a single official from the Indian contingent came forward to the help of the fainted runner. It took her seven bottles of glucose to recover and will still take 2-3 months of medical recovery.


It’s appalling to see that each country’s officials were present at every 2.5 interval to provide for water and refreshments to its runners; but from India there were just empty desks and national flags.

”I don’t know how I managed to finish without getting enough water to drink. The Games organizers provided water and sponge only at 8-km intervals. The water from these stations lasted hardly 500m and it was almost impossible to run after the 30-km mark under the scorching sun.”


The apathy of Indian officials is shocking and embarrassing. The runners are not allowed to drink from other country’s refreshment points and could lead to disqualification. So the runners, from whom our country has been expecting glorious medals, kept running until they collapsed of dehydration.

“While other athletes had the luxury of taking glucose, honey etc there was nothing for us (Jaisha and Kavita) to drink at our stations. Not even water!” said Jaisha choking with emotions.



With such circumstances, the players really deserve a medal for putting up with Indian officials considering their glorious actions to embarrass India at Rio Olympics this year.



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