Mother Received A Life-sized Cutout Of Her Son And Used It In The Most Creative Ways

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1:00 pm 1 Apr, 2016


Dalton Ross sent his mum, Susan Talley, a life-sized cardboard cutout of himself with a thought that his family might be missing him. Ross went to study aboard at Belmont University in London and hence, he thought of this out of the box idea.


Ross told Aplus:

“I just thought sending a life-size cutout of me unannounced to my mom would give my family a laugh.”  “I thought maybe they’d put it in the living room corner until I got back to remember I exist.”


Well, that’s not what happened!



Dalton’s mother had completely different plans.

Just to get the real feel from the cutout, she took it along to all the family gatherings, parties, restaurant visits as well as Easter! Then Ross uploaded the photographs that she clicked on Imgur by the name ienjoybread,.



Dalton on a sports outing with his family:



She took him for a regular check up. Of course a mother will want her child to stay healthy:




And then took him out for a meal as well:



His sister too had a quality time with him:



A family outing was a must:



And then he met everyone on a gathering too:



Though the Dalton’s intentions were different but his cutout really filled the space left by him. The whole family had a nice time with Dalton. His mum made the whole thing creative as well as heart warming.


Image Source: Imgur