Manoj Tiwary’s Weird Bowling Style Has Left His Fans Laughing And Rolling On The Floor

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12:27 pm 27 Apr, 2018


The current season of IPL has become one of the most talked seasons in its history. The season is witnessing tragedies, comedy, and moments that will be written in the tournament’s history. Whether its unusual stumping actions or unexpected shots, crazy things are happening on the ground giving the audience some amazing moments to enjoy. And Manoj Tiwary just got his name added to the list of cricketers who did crazy things during IPL 2018.


The cricketer is famous for his exceptional batting style but this time his experimental bowling has made him a part of headlines. He replaced Yuvraj Singh during a match between Kings XI Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Trying his hands on bowling, he bowled in the weirdest manner ever and left fans laughing and rolling on the floor. 


Take a look at the viral clip of his bowling below:

Some were left thinking what exactly Tiwary did on the ground, while others said that the cricketer pulled off a Lasith-Kedar combination in his bowling style. Here’s how people are reacting:

While people couldn’t stop laughing seeing the cricketer bowl, there are many who feel that the cricketer’s bowling style is unacceptable and IPL should take action against it.


Here’s what ICC says about an illegal bowling action:

“An Illegal Bowling Action is where a player is throwing rather than bowling the ball. This is defined by the ICC as being where the player’s elbow extends by an amount of more than 15 degrees between their arm reaching the horizontal and the ball being released. Match Officials in international cricket use the naked eye and their cricketing experience to decide whether they believe a player may be using an Illegal Bowling Action and, if so, they will submit a report.”



Do you think Tiwary’s bowling was an illegal bowling action? Do share your views in the comments section below.

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