An NRI Plans To Provide India With 10,000 Bikes That Will Help Generate Electricity

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2:31 pm 15 Oct, 2015


In a bid to provide electricity to millions of homes in India, an Indian-American billionaire is planning to distribute 10,000 stationary bikes to India.

Manoj Bhargava, who resides in Michigan, is planning to test the first phase of this plan by providing 50 of those 10,000 bikes before 2016.

Bhargava is initially planning to provide the 50 bikes to 15 to 20 small villages of Uttarakhand, before he starts with a larger distribution.



According to Times of India, these bikes would be so powerful that they will help keep lights and basic appliances of the house going for an entire day with just one hour of pedalling.

Talking about his plans, Bhargava told TOI that the initiative is “going to affect a few billion people,” but his biggest challenge would be distributing these bikes as he doesn’t intend to just give these bikes away and would prefer to incentivise distributors with profits.

Bhargava hopes that a village can also pool its resources and buy just one bike but add multiple batteries so that the bike can be used to power these batteries, which in turn will help individual homes.

Bhargava and his family is planning to distribute around 10,000 of these free electric battery-equipped bikes in India in year 2016 itself.


Bhargava, who is 62, moved to the US back in year 1967 and became a billionaire by creating the famous 5-hour Energy drink, which are sold all over North America.

He has employed over 100 engineers in his Stage 2 Innovations laboratory which is based in Farmington Hills, Michigan.


The group has created several practical inventions that are based on relatively simple technologies and that have been around for decades. The group in turn makes them  more efficient and compact so they easy to transport.

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