Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar Saved Rs.50K Crore Of Your Money With A Wise Move

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6:21 pm 12 Mar, 2016

It is always good to have an intelligent Minister at the helm of affairs.

Parrikar, who is an alum of IIT-Bombay, saved Rs. 49,300 crore of the taxpayers’ money when he convinced the Indian Air Force into not pressing for acquiring short-range air defence systems.




The Defence Minister ordered a review of the Air Force’s 15-year long-term plan of acquiring long-range, medium-range and short-range air defence systems.

It was found that the purchase of Russian S-400 Triumf long-range SAM defence system will make purchases of a high number of shorter range SAM systems unnecessary.


Russian S-400 Triumf



Short-range missile defence systems have a range of 25 km, while medium range ones can strike incoming missiles and aircraft upto 40-50 km.

IAF was planning to buy over 100 such installations.

But will this affect the Air Force’s defence needs? No, because they have these:








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