These 10 Reasons Will Make You Hate Mankind

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There isn’t one person alive right now who hasn’t hated a man/woman; whether it’s your boss, that noisy kid across the hall or even that one guy who just seems ‘too nice’. What we have to realize is that when we hate any man, we tend to hate mankind as a whole, because there are just so many things worth hating. Mankind is like the superset and yes, there are people worth loving too, but they just don’t balance out. See if you’ve ever hated someone for being one of the following:

10. We’re plain selfish:

You can’t blame us for being selfish…oh, wait. You can. It comes with morality. Being selfish is easy, or at least we make it look real simple. We’ve looted far more than just the Earth’s riches. We’ve managed to hate ourselves in the process. There has never been peace among man. Even our religious scriptures weave a tale of greed overcome by righteousness. Good may triumph over evil, but not if evil multiplies at a greater rate.

We’re plain selfish

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9. Hypocrites galore:

It’s astounding how hypocritical we can be. That’s not to say that there aren’t truly genuine people out there, but ‘practice what you preach’ just doesn’t seem like a viable option and how can it be when we have so much to say? Even turkeys and penguins seem less hypocritical than us. Just because they’re birds doesn’t mean they have to fly, but at least they try, when their asses are on fire.

Hypocrites galore

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8. So needy:

‘Man is a social being’…I wonder why they don’t say that a lot more, probably because it’s true on so many levels. One of those levels is neediness, and no matter how much we try to deny it, we need each other, thus re-emphasizing my previous point. We’re so needy, the sun, the earth and possibly the entire solar system exists just to keep us alive and we’re not content enough. Alas, thus is the plight of man.

  8. solar system

7. An insatiably unsatisfied nature:

Being selfish and needy are one thing, being unsatisfied is another. There are thousands of examples which will prove my point, but just to cut to the chase, 50 % of all marriages end in divorce of which 37 % are extra-marital affairs. I don’t quite understand the idea of dedicating your life to one person only to see them bitter and unhappy.  The funniest part is that none of this matters once we kick the bucket, but we hunger for more anyway, just to have our names remembered in history.

An insatiably unsatisfied nature

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6. God complex:

We are the smartest beings on the planet, that’s a given. What isn’t, however, is the lack of understanding and basic common sense with which we tend to operate on a day to day basis. The problem is, we think we’re always right. It’s like that ‘wannabe’ kid from high school with his shirt tucked out, his pants starting just below his knees with his hat turned to the side saying ‘I’m cool’. Are we so smart that we can claim to right to everything on that very basis? And here I was thinking that we’re smarter than that.

6 God complex

5. A polluted mindset:


It’s really hard handling just one smart a$$, but there are now 7 billion of us. As humans, with our superior intelligence, we tend to overthink and when we do that, we blow everything out of proportion. That’s basically what’s happening with the media today. They ‘think’ they know what’s going on just because they’re the first ones on the scene but that’s seldom the case. As we’ve been told time and time again, ‘The solution to a complex problem is always the simplest one.’

4. We hate to love and we love to hate:

“Love thy neighbor”….not in this lifetime. Obviously there’s got to be something wrong with them because otherwise, there’s something wrong with us, and that just isn’t possible is it? Whether you take India and Pakistan, Russia and the U.S.A or China and Japan, the world loves to hate. Sexism, racism, caste based discrimination, issues of national interest…just a general negative vibe that spreads throughout. Yet we preach of forgiveness, love, sharing and living within our means. Doesn’t it all seem a little ironic?

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3. A ‘Give a Damn’ attitude:

Some of us just don’t give a @#&^….about anything! We just want to live our lives the when we want and the way we want it, no questions asked. In a day, most of us have the power to control what goes on around us but sometimes, intentionally, we choose to do the wrong thing. For some, it’s just a lack of care, for others it’s a desire to hurt and the rest are just lazy. You can find a majority of these people in the Government.

 I dont give a fuck

2. Can never be trusted:

A life lesson for those still pure at heart; always be wary the human. He’s cunning, quick, and doesn’t regret what he does. If history’s taught us one thing, it’s that nice guys mostly die. Take the city of ‘Troy’ for example. Only humans are capable of cooking up such master plans as to offer a gift with the promise of death within. Even our children’s tales (sleeping beauty) throw caution to the wind. So whom can we trust if not ourselves?


1. Never admit our mistakes:

“Over 95 % of our problems are created by us. The rest is out of our control.” Pride, jealously and envy are the three most dangerous traits one can have. It causes men to think irrationally, which produce devastating effects. We should always account for the things we do, but we choose to shove our gloated egos in the way and mess everything up. It’s always easier to face something head-on than run away from it. To swallow one’s pride is beyond man….a truly paradoxical statement.

Never admit our mistakes

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