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Manisha Koirala’s Response To A Rude Tweep Is Savage AF!

Published on 23 November, 2018 at 9:13 pm By

Veteran actress Manisha Koirala, one of the bravest celebrities in Bollywood, is well known for her solid performances in a variety of movies. She has had her share of struggles and career lows. But she has still managed to establish herself as one of the leading ladies in Bollywood. Apart from many Bollywood movies, Manisha has also featured in multiple Nepalese projects. While she is an inspiring actress, her personal journey is also inspiring in itself. The actress bravely fought ovarian cancer and is free of the disease since 2015.


The actress is also a women’s rights activist and promotes causes like prevention of violence against women. Naturally being a public figure, Koirala is active on social media where she has a huge fan following.



And recently something huge happened in Bollywood, that is, Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding. Just like many other celebs, even Manisha took to Twitter to congratulate the couple.

Here is what Manisha Koirala tweeted:




Along with congratulating the newlyweds, Koirala also apologised for missing their reception function. The couple is holding a reception in Mumbai for all of their work friends and colleagues. They naturally must have invited Manisha.

But a Twitter user misconstrued Manisha’s tweet and questioned the fact if she was even invited to the event.

This is what the user said:


Now, this is insensitive and completely uncalled for. Why people can’t mind their own business is a huge mystery! Well, don’t worry, the user had something coming. Manisha Koirala did not take this comment lying down. She tweeted back at the user and shut him down.

Manisha Koirala tweeted this in response to the comment:


While we agree that the actress did not own any explanation to anyone, least of all the user. This response is definitely the most civil yet hard-hitting way to shut insensitive people up. And it seems like the respective Twitter user also got the message because he soon apologized.

Have a look at the apology:



What did you think of the whole exchange of tweets?

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