When Mandira Bedi Blasted A Troll In Person In An Epic Way. See Video

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5:01 pm 3 Apr, 2018


Being a celebrity or simply being famous has its own advantages and disadvantages. The price of fame is constant scrutiny, trolling, slut-shaming, and body-shaming. A new show has started on MTV called Troll Police, which is teaching trollers and people, who post dirty and hate comments on the profiles of celebrities, a lesson on camera.




In a recent telecast, Mandira Bedi took onto the stage to blast the man who wrote nasty comments on her Instagram photograph. Bedi said:

“I had enough cases of men judging me for entering their territory but it was largely facing to face so I had a chance to give it back to them. Now, things have changed because, with social media, anonymity comes to their rescue but what I have experienced over these years is that Indian men are coward. Usually, I don’t pay attention to such comments.”


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The man in question was a young adult who has talked about her body and was trying to teach her a lesson in keeping ‘things’ covered. Bedi retaliated by saying that he is nobody to her and he should keep his own business. She also said that everyone has frustrations in life and at this moment, she feels like slapping someone and that the man is in front of her.




Take a look at some of the nasty comments on Bedi’s profile:

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