The Secret Behind Mandira Bedi’s Perfect Abs And Great Health Even After Pregnancy Busted

5:55 pm 23 Nov, 2017


Mandira Bedi. Whenever we think of this name, there emerges the picture of a confident, strong woman who is a fitness inspiration to thousands of other woman. She started off her career as the timid Preeti of ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ and played the title character in the epic TV serial ‘Shanti.’ She stole the limelight as the confident sports host in Extraa Innings at the 2003 Cricket World Cup, and India got its own fitness diva and style guru.


The 45-year-old may be juggling with various responsibilities at the same time – she is a fashion designer, a businesswoman, a television presenter and a hands-on mother – but she makes it a point to take sometime out for herself for her daily fitness routine. And that really shows in the way she manages to excel in everything with utmost grace.

But when did Mandira become so interested in fitness?


Well, Mandira had always been into fitness and exercise, but she transformed into a fitness freak only after her stint in ‘Khatron Ke Khilada’ in 2008. However, the real struggle, as Mandira says, started only in 2011, when she gained as many as 22 kg as pregnancy weight.

Mandira Bedi with son Veer. Miss Malini


After that, for 40 days, she was prescribed strict bed rest, as a result of which she could neither walk much nor engage in any form of physical activity. But post that, she was again back in action and within less than half a year, all her pregnancy fat was a thing of the past!

A sneak-peek into Mandira’s fitness regime.

According to the fitness diva, there lies a strict difference between pre-natal and post-pregnancy workouts. Before pregnancy, jogging and running on treadmill would just be perfect to be in shape and healthy. You have definitely seen her hosting the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2003 wearing graceful sarees with skimpy blouses and body-hugging dresses. She was brilliant back then. But she has excellently managed to carry that grace and oomph back even now. And the courtesy for this goes to her efficient and right post-pregnancy fitness regime.

Mandira, who is pretty regular in social media, has one advice to the new mothers – don’t rush into exercise but take one day at the time.

She had begun her fitness journey after giving birth to her baby boy by going for evening walks regularly. It was only after a few days that she was able to jerk off the ennui and started doing power yoga and cardio exercises. Later she would strictly follow a 30-minute cardio and weight training routine to get back her lean shape while power yoga and running would help her build more stamina.

She follows the routine even now though the exercises vary from time to time lest the body becomes immune to the same.


Isn’t she really an inspiration to not only new mothers but everyone who wishes to lead a healthy and happy life? What do you think of her regime? Please let us know about your opinion in the comments section below.