Lovestruck Kolkata Guy Puts Up 4,000 Posters To Track Down Girl He Met On A Train!

11:55 am 1 Sep, 2018


Love is sheer beauty. It is something which gives you the audacity to move mountains. But how many of us believe in the love at first sight? Well, if you ask me, I do believe that something like this exists. It’s a fact that sometimes we do quirky things in love, or do things which other people think are crazy! We all know about people who try and do every possible thing to be with the one they love. And if you believed and loved Cinderella like stories then you are going to appreciate the efforts of this man who put 4,000 posters to just find a girl he met on the train.

As far as I know, all such stuff is visible only in Bollywood movies. Can you believe it? Here we have a man who put posters, just to find the girl with which he shared some mere moments! I mean it is interesting to hear such real-life love stories in which people just give their all. This reminds me of the iconic train seen of Raj and Simran from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ).




This 29-year-old man named Biswajit Poddar hails from Kolkata and is a government employee. A man who seems to be struck by the cupid’s arrow, he has put posters, not just one or two, but 4,000 posters between Konnagar and Bally (covering a total of 6-km stretch). All this to find his lady love which he met on-board!



In a media report, Poddar said,

 “My friends and family think I am crazy, but I cannot help it. It was love at first sight and I can’t get her out of my mind.”


In fact, it’s being said that Poddar is wearing the same tee which he was wearing during his encounter with the dream girl. He has even made a 7-minute short film, hoping that her lady luck would see it and contact him.



he further clarified that,

“I have no intention of insulting her or getting her into trouble. I am doing all this so that she can find me and contact me if she wants.”




I think that without courage there is no love. It’s a good thing that Poddar is aware of the things and doesn’t wish any trouble for anyone. His efforts are surely one of a kind! Well, what do you think about this one-sided love of Poddar, do you think that the girl will contact him? Let us know in the comments!