Man Sues Shah Rukh Khan After Using The Shaving Cream That Khan Endorses

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4:55 pm 3 Aug, 2017


A man has sued Shah Rukh Khan and the shaving cream he endorses after he developed rashes.

Rajkumar Pandey, a resident of Bhopal, has filed a case against Shah Rukh Khan and VJohn company after he developed rashes by using the shaving cream. In his complaint, Pandey has alleged that Khan is misleading people by endorsing this cream. In the advertisement, Khan says that this is India’s number one shaving cream. Pandey also mentioned that he had to undergo treatment at a government hospital after he developed rashes on his face.


Pandey claimed that he got the shaving cream tested. He said,


The report says the cream is of low, bad quality.

It is reported that after hearing the case, magistrate Kashinath Singh, has sent legal notices to Shah Rukh Khan and the owner of the company that makes the cream, the shopkeeper from whom Pandey bought the cream and to the Director of the Madhya Pradesh Food and Drugs Department.

There have been several case of legal notices being sent to celebrities for endorsements. Last year, MS Dhoni had to step down from endorsing Amrapali, a real estate company. The buyers of the company’s properties in Noida had sued the company and as a result of which Dhoni decided to part ways.


Shah Rukh Khan faced similar trouble last year when buyers sued “Fair and Handsome” cream for false claims. The users argued that the use of the cream did not make them fair.

Preity Zinta, Madhuri Dixit and Amitabh Bachchan were also pilloried for endorsing Maggi when it failed food safety tests.



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