This Man Sings And The Money He Gets Is Used To Protect Cows

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4:50 pm 5 Feb, 2016

When people are busy in their own lives and hardly anyone comes up to help others, we have several human beings who have concern for animals as well. Nilesh Sakhiya, a former NRI from London who returned to India and settled in his hometown Haripar village of Kalavad sub-district, runs the Kalavad Seva Samiti (KSS). He came up with this idea of organizing night-long bhajan and folk songs by Gadhvi for the cause of cow protection.

Kirtidan Gadhvi is a singer in Kalavad Seva Samiti (KSS). He was also awarded the ‘Best Singer of the State’ award by the Gujarat government.



They together organized their first  program of hymns and folk songs held in Jamnagar, Gujarat for the same cause that evoked an astounding response – raising a staggering Rs 4.45 crore.


Their first event became so successful that the whole stage was covered with currency notes of Rs 1,000, Rs 500 and Rs 100 that kept coming almost endlessly from the crowds. Over 5,000 audience members gathered to listen to the singer Kirtidan Gadhvi and left with a paisa wasool response, showering the stage with wads and wads of money.



Gadhvis’ performance resulted in a record-breaking collection and earned him kudos on social networking sites. He plans to visit Canada soon for performances.



Later, an announcement was made by the Kalavad Seva Samiti that the collection amounted to a staggering Rs 4.45 crore.

“I would like to inform all my dear fans that the money showered was all given for charity,” Gadhvi tweeted on the development.



The organization used the entire amount for the cow protection cause and other social services, like building hospitals in the state.

You can listen to his amazing performance here:

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